Read about my daily adventures while painting 'en plein aire' .


When I saw that the field just up the street had hay rolls laying in it for a few days, I decided to paint them.  The first day I took photo’s and started the painting.


                                                                               Simpsons hayfield

Starting the painting No one bothered me on the little side road I’d parked on, until a tenant of the hay field owner drove by.  He rents a mobile home at the other end of the field, and questioned me about what I was doing there until I mentioned his landlords name.  Then he suddenly quit acting like he owned the area and he drove on home.

DSCF4401 (2)

Painting the hayfield

My next visitor was a beautiful black cat.  Wish I’d brought some kitty treats, but a few pets satisfied the cat who moved on and let me get back to work.A visitorKitty visitor

I never knew it was so busy on the other side of our neighborhood.  After several cars and pick-ups drove by, my husband drove up and parked behind me, got out and took my picture.

Painting the hayfield

I finally got back to work and painted for about 2 hours.

DSCF4407 (2)

I went back a few days later to paint some finishing touches.  This time a man walking his dog stopped by to see my painting.  He could see me from his window and I’m sure he was curious about what I was painting.  He told me the painting was real nice. 🙂

Here’s the finished painting, I may go back and lighten up the tree’s by the buildings, but other than that….

Hayfield painting

Hayfield painting


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Read about my daily adventures while painting 'en plein aire' .

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