Read about my daily adventures while painting 'en plein aire' .

Lake Moultrie

Last week, I dropped off some art at a hair studio in a town 1/2 hours drive from home.  I was near Santee State Park, so I decided to go  there and paint that afternoon.  I heard the State parks are charging to get in now, so I was a little upset before I even got there because I don’t think public parks should charge admission.  But when I saw the sign said $2 per car I felt much better.  I could afford that much.

Santee State ParkI like this view, I wish I’d put the base of the tree in my painting, but I zoomed in on the lake.

I drove on for miles after passing the sign, then finally arrived at a little store and boat dock.  I went in and told the elderly man at the counter I wanted to paint a picture here this afternoon.  He said, “Well, let me give you a free guest pass, go hang it on your rear view mirror”.  I was so pleased, there are still some places and some people that appreciate art.  I went to get a candy bar, and he almost shouts, “I mean it, go put it in your car right now or a park ranger may drive by and give you a ticket!”  Well, I guess I’m not as honored a guest as I thought. 😉   I did as he instructed then got my candy bar and went looking for a place to set up my easel.

I decided to paint right next to the parking lot by the boat dock.  I didn’t have to walk far to get where I wanted to paint and there was a picnic table situated perfectly for holding my paints.  Quite a few people came and went on the dock, boaters and fishermen, but no one bothered me at all.  I think it was the first time I set up in a public place and didn’t draw observers.  I don’t know if I should be flattered or annoyed, maybe state park visitors are used to artists painting on site.

I set up my things, looked around and started painting the far left tree’s that were on the other side of an inlet.  Obviously, I made those trees too large.  An amateur mistake, but we all have bad days.  I went on and painted for only about 2 hours.  I’m getting faster…my goal when I started this 8×10″ landscape series!

DSCF4008 DSCF4011

A couple of days later, I decided to take advantage of the flexibility of oil paints and rework the treeline.  Here it is after a little editing with turpentine and oil paint.

Lake Moultrie oil paintingEnjoy the view!


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